A boutique, focused firm.



 In order to ensure its senior professionals are integral to every assignment the company undertakes, Chartwell's intent is to remain a boutique, focused firm. Our principals will be directly involved in setting the strategy for a project and proactively carrying that strategy forward through the implementation phase until a project is complete.



For Chartwell, every engagement represents a unique opportunity to be of value and is executed in an individualized process designed to maximize the likelihood of success. Our preference is to be involved at the inception of each project; allowing us to develop the best strategy to accomplish the client or partners desired outcome. With our extensive experience executing throughout the spectrum of the real estate process, we are uniquely positioned to assist in the identification and realization of real estate value.



Although the firm has elected to pursue a business strategy that keeps it professionals focused on creating value in real estate instead of managing a larger organization; we do have a host of key relationships and strategic partnerships that allow us to bring additional resources to hear on a project specific basis. To the extent additional resources are required; we are able to carefully evaluate the specific needs of a project and identify the best service provider for the individual needs of the project.


We are Different


We know what we are good at and we stick to it exclusively

Chartwell has made an intentional decision to depart from the ubiquitous full service real estate model, in which a single provider attempts to provide a broad range of services across product types and investment platforms; a structure that rarely leads to best in class knowledge and service.


Because of Chartwell's significant and diverse experience, partners and clients often ask the firm to tailor custom solutions that achieve a broad range of financial and operational objectives. Typical assignments might include:

  • Project recapitalization

  • Equity co-investment

  • Development management

  • Loan restructuring

  • Public private partnerships

  • Acquisition

  • Mezzanine lending

  • Rezoning initiatives

  • Joint ventures

  • Asset and portfolio repositions

  • Ground lease transactions

  • Equity infusions

  • Sustainable practices

  • LEED certification

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